The Hero of Hacksaw

I was recently inspired by the true story about the 'Hero of Hacksaw Ridge' which is a World War II story of Desmond Doss, a medic and conscientious objector who, because of his faith, refused to carry a weapon into battle. Doss was ridiculed by his fellow soldiers and commanding officers because of his convictions to stand against violence and murder. This all changed on an escarpment called Hacksaw Ridge when he risked his life by crawling through enemy lines and a barrage of gunfire and explosion over a 12 hour period to save 75 of his fellow soldiers.

The personal sacrifice of Doss was indiscriminate, saving even those who had persecuted him. His extension of love and grace reminds us of the Christmas story with the birth of Jesus Christ who provided the ultimate sacrifice for us on the cross. This Christmas season, may we take the time to think in gracious and merciful ways to the people around us and with whom we have influence. The reward will be well worth it.